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Lucky’s being wooed by Jinx, the sexy Deathbringer and Jamie, the gorgeous Guardian, so the daemon world isn’t too bad.

But before Lucky can really start to enjoy her new life in the Underlands, Kayla’s men are slain and Kayla herself is kidnapped by the Sicarii, assassins-for-hire members of a death-cult.

Lucky’s nemesis Henri le Dent has somehow escaped the Chambers of Rectification and court torturer Amaliel Cheriour is also missing . . . and daemon princess Kayla is just bait to catch Lucky.

For Lucky’s own powers are growing, and Amaliel has his own nefarious paln to use her. But first, he has to get past her Guards, not to mention Lucky herself . . .

‘Check it out’, says The Reading Agency. Amazon Rising Star Tingey is ‘perfect for fans of Laini Taylor, Deborah Harkness and Anne Bishop.’


Cursed was amazing . . . This is a series I would recommend to pretty much anyone who's into fantasy and mythology
Wayfaring Bibliomaniac
There are plenty of surprises along the way . . . All in all, an action-packed adventure that is great fun. 8/10
Brain Fluff
Powerfully creepy
Publishers Weekly
Marked is a gripping and tantalisingly sexy read. I loved the strong-willed psychic protagonist Lucky, as well as the courtly intrigue, terrifying supernatural assassins, and thought-provokingly buff daemon bodyguards. Team Jinx
Holdfast Magazine
I loved this book. The characters, the atmosphere, the banter, the romance, it all worked. Marked is a wonderful debut and the start of what looks to be a great trilogy . . . if you're a fantasy fan in general and of supernatural or urban fantasy in particular, I highly recommend you check it out
A Fantastical Librarian
This is the kind of story that sucks readers in very quickly and you end up completely losing track of time while you're reading . . . Marked is a fantastic start to this new series
Feeling Fictional
I was enthralled. A strong and interesting debut
Draumr Kopa Blog on Marked
Well-written and very entertaining, with a little bit of action thrown in . . . Highly recommend!
Penny Noble, Goodreads
I enjoyed this story a lot . . . The characters were good . . . I loved the ins and outs and I recommend
Angel Hatfield, Goodreads
Doesn't skimp on the action -- or the horror . . . I loved this instalment
Doesn't skimp on the action -- or the horror . . . I loved this instalment Melissa A. Hartman, Goodreads

The Soulseer Chronicles