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Meet Harry – a young boy who stammers. Harry invites readers to learn about what it is like to stammer from his perspective and how it affects his daily life and makes him feel. He talks about techniques that can help reduce stammering and describes how friends, family and others can help him to feel at ease and reduce his stammer further.

This illustrated book is full of useful information and will be an ideal introduction for young people, aged 7 upwards, as well as parents, friends, teachers and speech therapists working with children who stammer. It is also an excellent starting point for group discussions at home or school.


The book is very comprehensive in its coverage of stammering, with information bases on research presented easily and simply for children to understand and then to use in situations that they might meet themselves, whether they stammer or not. Some serious messages about stammering are conveyed through Harrys comments that would interest a young reader - for example that stammering can come and go, that episodes may be triggered by stress of some kind, that children do not usually stammer when reading in unison with other people and that stammering "can make you feel lonely"... I really enjoyed reading this book, it was insightful and actually quite moving for me to read as I stammered when I was a child I could connect with Harry's feelings at that age. I could appreciate from my own experience just how important it was for hi m to get the support he enjoyed from his family, teachers and friends. I would highly recommend this book for young readers whether they stammer or not, for parents and professionals who could use it to encourage open communication with a child who stammers and, as it is part of a series that explains various conditions, it is a very useful resource for lessons in personal and social education.
British Stammering Association
As someone who struggled with a stammer through childhood, I had an instant connection with this book. I could hugely relate to Harry's mindset, the frustrations he went through and the emotions that he felt. Feeling trapped and lonely can lead to someone who stammers becoming extremely isolated but this book will help people who stammer realise that they are not alone and that there are techniques out there to give them hope, help reduce the fear and gain control of the stammer. This informative read will also help increase an understanding and awareness of stammering.
Matt Wilton, Regional Director UK South, The McGuire Programme
"Can I tell you about Stammering?" is a very insightful look into stammering from a child's prospective. It is very informative and accurately reflects the feelings of a someone who stammers. It is very important that people who don't stammer understand how difficult life can be for those who do. Yet, even though stammering is an often debilitating condition, this book tells other stammerers not to give up, that there is hope out there and with hard work and belief the battle against stammering can be won. Besides, even with a stammer, we all have many, many qualities of which we should be very proud. It just really helps if other people understand and this book will definitely help with that.
Kevin Phelps, former stammerer, Headteacher, Tavernspite County Primary School, Wales
What a lovely read! "Can I tell you about Stammering?" is a wonderfully thoughtful book with an accurate account of what stammering feels like for many children. It would be so useful to children of all ages, especially to those who do not know anyone else who stammers. I have met numerous children, from all kinds of backgrounds, who feel isolated by their stammers. Harry just might help them to see that others feel as they do and that they are not just a child who stammers.
Alison Holloway, Speech and Language Therapist specialising in disorders of fluency
This honest, matter-of-fact and informative book, shared from an individual child's perspective, beautifully captures daily experiences of stammering and educates parents, professionals, children and others about the disorder. In addition, it assists speech and language therapists in facilitating open communication about stammering with their clients.
Kristin A. Chmela, M.A. CCC-SLP Board Recognized Specialist-Fluency Disorders, Long Grove, Illinois, USA
Sue Cottrell provides all of us, be we teachers, parents, friends or other professionals, with a sensitive and insightful introductory read.
Red Reading Hub by Jill Bennett
This enlightening book will tug on the heart strings... Hearing about stammering from Harry's perspective, will enable parents and friend to understand a little bit about the every day challenges that a young person who stammers faces and how ti makes them feel. The book is informative and highly readable. The "How to help" section is essential reading for anyone living or caring for a young person with a stammer, and will help guide them about the best way to behave around someone who stammers. An excellent book to encourage open discussions about stammering - at home or at school.
Youth in Mind