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The Work Smarter Guide to Sales

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13th June 2024

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Some people are born with a natural ‘go-get-’em’ approach. For most of us, however, selling does not come naturally. This book demystifies the art of getting people to buy – whether it is as simple as convincing your friends to agree to your restaurant recommendation, or as complex as getting people to buy your million- dollar proposal at work.

The book is a toolkit for self-exploration, analysis, learning and action plan development framed in a 5-week programme for building your unique sales self. Setting a clear objective for every week, it takes the reader through a simple 5-step programme:
– Setting the foundation: the main principles of sales
– Rational aspects of sales
– Emotional aspects of sales
– Connecting the dots: closuring and continuation of the sales cycle
– Creating your personalised action plan and toolbox with aide memoires, frameworks and life hacks to use every day

Each chapter concludes with a summary of do’s and don’ts. The last chapter includes practical tools for analysing and planning your own self-development and business development. It will accelerate your understanding of and ability to sell by raising both your self-awareness and selling self-confidence.

The ‘Work Smarter’ series:
Our books provide shortcuts, tips and life-hacks for the development of essential business skills. The books bring together accomplished industry experts who have learned their trades at the coalface. They teach the skills ambitious businesspeople need in order to tip the playing field in their favour. It is the pirate equivalent of business advice; the antidote to conventional wisdom; ‘smarter’ practice over ‘best practice’.


Guido Buitoni, Global Chief Digital Officer at Danone, former Global Client Lead at Google
This is a rare 'how to' sales guide: one that delivers on its promise to help any seller - no matter how experienced they are - become better. It does so by framing the sales process as addressing fundamental human needs, then bringing readers on a discovery journey covering their own sales persona, the client's and the rational and emotional sides of the sales process. At each step it builds awareness and practical capability through simple relevant concepts, effective frameworks and practical exercises
Bruce Daisley, author of the Sunday Times bestsellers Fortitude and The Joy of Work
David and Maria have carefully curated a personalised programme of the greatest sales wisdom to help anyone be the sort of salesperson everyone wants to be - respected not resented
Evgenia Brodskaya, Director of Business Partners Ecosystem, Google
A refreshingly different and human approach to selling, which anyone can make their own and which will generate results time after time
Jeremy Ghez, Professor of Economics and International Affairs, HEC Paris
Not only accessible and elegantly written, this book is also incredibly interactive and invites the reader to take a meaningful step forward. If you are looking for a concrete road-map to sales, here it is! A must-read in today's turbulent and complex business environment
Lino Cattaruzzi, Global Client Partner, Google
This book goes beyond traditional methods: it not only sharpens your sales skills but also enriches your understanding of self and others, making it an essential companion for anyone eager to excel in the modern marketplace
Thibaut Munier, Founder and CEO, Numberly
Overcoming sales challenges isn't just about having the right tools; it's about understanding the game. The Work Smarter Guide to Sales perfectly captures this balance of art and science, combining hands-on strategies with psychological depth. It's a must-read for anyone ready to tackle sales obstacles head-on and come out winning
Severine Six, Business Director, Meta France
This book provides valuable insights, tests and fundamentals, but it also offers an enjoyable reading experience. I highly recommend it to anyone preparing for a crucial sales pitch. It presents an excellent opportunity to pause, reflect on your approach, and refine your strategies for success