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The ADHD Teen Survival Guide

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21st November 2024

Price: £12.99

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781839976636

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The ultimate guide on how to survive the trials and tribulations of being an ADHD teen.

Bursting with fun, vibrant illustrations and featuring the voices and insights of ADHD teens just like you! This book is packed full of facts and tried and tested practical tips, tricks and advice (that actually work!) to help you build confidence and self-belief to better navigate the world as an ADHD Teen.

Covering topics such as school, procrastination and organisation, family life, emotional regulation, sleep, screens and more, this is the companion guide you need to help you understand what ADHD is and how you can celebrate your own unique self.


Dr Joanne Steer, clinical psychologist & author of My Unique ADHD World
What I love the most about 'The ADHD Teen Survival Guide' is how it empowers young people with ADHD to use their voice. The advice from other teens with ADHD alongside the engaging art work means this is an accessible read for all. This isn't just for teens though, parents and school staff need to make sure they have a copy too!
Valerie Ivens, ADHD Teen Coach, Consultant and Advocate
Being a teenager can be tricky enough, but add a touch of ADHD and navigating school and home can become a real roller coaster. Fear not! Soli Lazarus's latest addition to her ADHD Guides is a real blast of positivity and encouragement. The Guide uses the voices of other teens to highlight the areas of challenge and then adds some thoughts on solutions that might help. The Guide is delivered in a well organised and easy to read format.. Quotes from teenagers like Callum (19) "If teachers give me what I need, it is an acceptance of who I am" ensure the guide stays on topic and zooms in on some of the most commonly experienced areas of frustration. This is not an easy time for you, there are so many things to navigate - but you can get through - and Soli's Teen survival guide offers some really great tips and tricks to help.
Daniel Aherne, Adjust founder, ADHDer & author of The Pocket Guide to Neurodiversity
I absolutely love this book and wish I had it when I was a teenager. I will be recommending it to all my clients.
Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO of The ADHD Foundation Neurodiversity Charity
This is a really user-friendly book for teenagers. Full of practical suggestions and accessible information, this is a valuable resource for any teenager. It should be available in every school library and a must read for anyone working with young people in the UK.