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What makes some people get back up when the most difficult and challenging life events, knocks them down? Are some more resilient than others and if so, what can we learn from them?

Renowned as a highly-respected journalist and broadcaster with thirty years’ experience, Sian Williams is also a trained trauma assessor, and spent two years investigating psychological stress as part of a Master’s thesis. In RISE, Sian explores the science of resilience and growth after trauma, hears tips from the experts and learns from those who have emerged from horrific experiences, feeling changed yet stronger, with a new perspective on their life, their relationships and their work. She also documents her own path through a recent and sudden life-changing event, with candid and refreshing honesty. Her own story provides a narrative thread through a book designed to help others navigate through tough times.

Sian Williams speaks to others about how they rebuilt their shattered worlds after very different personal traumas, emerging stronger than before. Their experiences, together with the latest science on resilience, should help guide all those going through tough times. This book indicates that it is possible not just to survive them, but to thrive. To rise.

(p) 2016 Orion Publishing Group


Brave Sian's honest words will help so many women ... When we are plunged into a real-life crisis, an ongoing nightmare which could end in tragedy, we need handbooks. They are extremely comforting. Books help us to make sense of life, to feel our hand is being held and crucially that we are not alone. Sian is a wise and warm woman and all of us owe her our thanks
Judy Finnigan, DAILY EXPRESS
Stories of triumph and survival really do help others. Sometimes cancer sufferers find it easier to unburden themselves to strangers rather than worry their families. They will find much comfort
Sian Williams should be applauded for speaking out as the operation can have a lasting effect on people. While a junior doctor, I worked in breast surgery and saw first-hand the psychological impact of mastectomies. Yes, they often saved someone's life, but that person could feel a profound sense of loss
Dr Max Pemberton, DAILY MAIL
Searingly honest and deeply personal
Sian writes with honesty and feeling about her experience of breast cancer, from its initial diagnosis in 2014 through to the double mastectomy, her slow recovery and reconstructive surgery. Written in diary form, it describes her sense of bewilderment and vulnerability but also her resilience and some of the lessons she learnt ... Now she hopes the book will be a help to other people
When Sian Williams was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she was forced to reassess everything about her health, work and relationships. Pitched into a frightening world, she sought out those who had grown stronger despite suffering unimaginable trauma and loss, to try and find out how they'd done it. She also turned to scientists for the latest research into building resilience. Her book Rise: Surviving and Thriving After Trauma brings together that guidance and practical advice, in a psychological first-aid kit aimed at helping us all through the toughest of times
YOU magazine
Uplifting and inspirational. Sian Williams doesn't just write about growth following trauma, she has been on the rollercoaster herself. This is also an honest and hopeful account of her experiences with cancer that will help anyone confronting adversity in their own life
Stephen Joseph, Professor, and author of 'What Doesn't Kill Us. The new psychology of post traumatic growth'
A brilliant and compelling guide
TV presenter Sian Williams has written a book called Rise. It's about how to build resilience against stress and it's a real heartwarming read
Dr Ranj Singh, WOMAN
A helpful mixture of practical stratagems, inspiration and shared experience for anyone facing adversity
Jane Shilling, DAILY MAIL
Powerful guide to surviving tough times with a moving personal story at its heart
WOMAN & HOME 'Pick of the Paperbacks'