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Knight's Shadow

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7th April 2016

Price: £12.99

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781782066781

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The Greatcoats have found the heir to the throne . . . but now they must keep her alive, against all the odds.

These books are just joyous – first-rate fiction, first rate adventure, first rate full stop.’ Conn Iggulden, author of The Golden Age series

The Greatcoats have found the heir to the throne . . . but now they must keep her alive, against all the odds.

Falcio Val Mond has completed the final task given to him by the late King Paelis: he has found the King’s Charoites (well, one at least). But his task isn’t over, and now he, Kest and Brasti must protect the girl from those her want her dead.

‘Sebastien, write faster!’ John Gwynne, author of the award-winning series The Faithful and the Fallen

That would be simple enough, if it weren’t for the renegade Knights and legendary Dashini assassins, getting in their way, not to mention the Dukes, who are desperate to hold on to their power at any cost, or Trin, the merciless daughter of the ruthless Duke of Rijou and the cruel Duchess of Hervor, who is determined to be Queen of Tristia. Of course, the fact that the heir to the throne is thirteen years old doesn’t help, nor the fact that every day brings Falcio closer to dying from the poison running through his veins.

And then there is the Greatcoat’s Lament . . . .


Library Journal
An energetic, fun adventure that puts the "musk" back in "musketeer." Guaranteed to increase household swashbuckling by 100%.
Amanda Craig, author of Hearts And Minds
Don't hesitate to buy this if you love a great hero and story . . . What a voice! What story-telling brio! If you love Dumas, or Game of Thrones or The False Prince this is the swashbuckling fantasy for you.
Conn Iggulden
One hell of a good book
John Gwynne, Author of the Faithful and the Fallen
Fantastic from the first sentence to the last. Combining old-school swashbuckling action with contemporary characters and a good dose of grit, these books are the rarest of things, great rollicking fun combined with an emotional punch . . . Sebastien, write faster!
Sam Sykes, author of The City Stained Red
High energy, highly unique, swashbuckling-cop-epic-noir story. Buy it. BUY IT NOW.
Knight's Shadow is an excellent and engaging story, one of the best books I've read in a long time. 10/10
Fanboy Comics
Excels at telling a fun, exciting adventure. . . Knight's Shadow is a strong tale in its own right
It's easy to love de Castell's work. Two books in and "Greatcoats" still remains approachable and readable fantasy at its finest
Parmenion Books
Sebastien De Castell manages to wring every heart wrenching moment and ounce of anticipation from every scene, his fight scenes contain dark humour, explosive action and a great awareness of the art of sword fighting, all of which has you hanging on the edge of every page. . . . This really is an exceptional book and series
Over the Effing Rainbow
Everything that de Castell did well in the first book - the action, the adventure, the high drama, the zinging character interaction and dialogue - is taken to a fresh level here . . . Knight's Shadow raises its own bar . . . This story is bigger, darker and full of more violence than its predecessor
Greatcoats is now up there on my list of favorite fantasy series
Liz Loves Books
A breathless rollercoaster of a ride that will engage, fascinate and compel the reader ever onwards, there is a beauty to the tale that gets right to the heart of you . . . this is exactly how it should be done
Draumr Kopa Blog
The fantastic dialogue, the humor, the twists and the exhilarating action all make this a worthy sequel to Traitor's Blade
Civilian Reader
I would still very much recommend the series to anyone looking for a well-written fantasy series
Books For Life
Action, drama, betrayals, I do look forward to reading more
The Fictional Hangout
One of the best book's you'll read this year, coming highly recommended. 9.5/10
Arched Doorway
The best book I have read this year . . . I think everyone who enjoys a good story of adventure should pick up their copies of Traitor's Blade and Knight's Shadow first chance they get!
Starburst Magazine
This ends on a satisfying conclusion that leaves room for the story to continue
Not Yet Read
It was what I was hoping for and I was not disappointed!
Beauty in Ruins
Truly is a must-read book . . . the kind of historical fantasy that makes everything else pale in comparison
Bookish Wimsy
This second book has cemented my love for the series . . . It was so invigorating to go on this dangerous, and sometimes painful, but ultimately satisfying adventure with Falcio, Kest, Brasti and the rest of the Greatcoats. This is a series I recommend everyone to read!
Book Geek Says
I loved the story, I loved the style, the book just kept on giving and never lets you down. It's a perfect fantasy story
Juniper's Jungle
This book brought me to tears on numerous occasions, I felt so deeply involved with the plot and the characters . . . I don't think I'll ever tire of this series
A Reading Machine
Knights Shadow is a perfect book if you love engaging and hilarious characters, amazingly well sculpted fight scenes and that rush of excitement that only comes with being truly and utterly swept away by a writer of incredible talent
Sean's Blog Now
Better than its predecessor, Knight's Shadow is a wonderful sequel, managing to keep the tone of the original intact while at the same time expanding the themes that made it so good. The Greatcoats series is thriving, and I look forward to the next installment
Fantasy Review Barn
A very entertaining series
Jennifer Melzer
Resonates long after you close the book
The Endless Reading List
The story was so gripping . . . I couldn't tear my eyes away. Recommended 100%
The Book Plank
Knight's Shadow is just amazing. The Greatcoats series with Traitor's Blade and Knight's Shadow should be on every reading list. Period.
De Castell's superb writing and pacing results in a headlong rush of excitement to the very last page . . . The twists and turns make "Knight's Shadow" a page-turner in the truest, most satisfactory sense of the term