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Why does the history of single mothers’ shame still linger on in our modern world? In this myth-busting manifesto, Sarah Thompson shares her own experience of single motherhood together with case studies, research and thinking from some of the leading voices in child development, psychology, education and the law – shining a light on the positive aspects of being a single parent.

Sarah de-bunks many of the myths surrounding single parenting: from how it affects your child’s development (spoiler: it doesn’t), to the desperate-single-mother (and incapable-single-dad) stereotypes still playing out in contemporary culture.

She examines and celebrate the many positive impacts that being raised by a single parent can have on a child; Resilience, creativity, emotional intelligence, independence – all buzzwords of contemporary child development theories and nowhere are these qualities more expertly crafted than in single parent families.

For every parent who has ever felt the weight of disappointment and guilt, declared themselves a failure, been ostracised or criticised for their single mother status, who has wondered where they went wrong or why it happened to them, or who has worried about their children’s ‘outcomes’ – this book is for you.

Happy Single Mother is here to re-frame the view that being a single parent is anything other than completely normal and good. It’s a fresh look at what it means to be a single mother in the 21st century, and a celebration of solo parent families everywhere.