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Let go of parenting expectations and fears to raise courageous, confident children.

The Zen Mama philosophy is that mother and child complement each other in adventures and experiences, always putting safety first but without getting caught up in the anxieties, drama, impossible expectations and mental baggage that too often comes along with modern parenting. Learning to become a Zen Mama will help you grow and nurture a Zen Child – someone who isn’t afraid to be different, who can stand up for himself or his friends, and can travel the world and experiment with new things without being overwhelmed with self-doubt or being scared.

Full of facts, actionable advice and practical tips, this book will be about combining the heart and the head with what works for you and your family, not comparing yourselves to others or meeting a societal standard. It will support and nurture the mother’s journey like a wise and sympathetic friend and offers ideas and experience rather than judgement.

The Zen Mama will help you to find your purpose as a mother. It will instil the self-belief you need to help create a resilient, creative, caring and smart child – and help to survive the journey.


I struggled with confidence when raising my four children, always comparing my mothering skills to other 'perfect' mums. Sarah's advice and warm-hearted approach will help you let go of the judgement and embrace the facts: that you are a good mother, that you have a clear purpose and that you will flourish on this wonderful journey of motherhood.
Julie Montagu, Wellness icon and author of RECHARGE
Sarah has an alluring honesty and humour for how to raise children in a kind, compassionate and relaxed way. I wholeheartedly resonated with her!
Iben Dissing Sandahl, bestselling author of THE DANISH WAY OF PARENTING