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‘I am Rosie. I have BPD. I am not an attention-seeker, manipulative, dangerous, hopeless, unlovable, ‘broken’, ‘difficult to reach’ or ‘unwilling to engage’. I am caring, creative, courageous, determined, full of life and love.’

Talking About BPD is a positive, stigma-free guide to life with borderline personality disorder (BPD) from award-winning blogger Rosie Cappuccino.

Addressing what BPD is, the journey to diagnosis and available treatments, Rosie offers advice on life with BPD and shares practical tips and DBT-based techniques for coping day to day. Topics such as how to talk about BPD to those around you, managing relationships and self-harm are also explored. Throughout, Rosie shares her own experiences and works to dispel stigma and challenge the stereotypes often associated with the disorder.

This much-needed, hopeful guide will offer support, understanding, validation and empowerment for all living with BPD, as well as those who support them.


I am grateful for Rosie Cappuccino's 'Talking about BPD,' as I finally have an authentic, stigma-free book to recommend to my DBT clients. A mix of personal experience, research-based information, and skill-building material makes this a must-read for those with BPD plus their loved ones and providers.
Alicia Paz, M.A Owner of Online DBT Skills
Rosie is a strong and compassionate advocate for individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I'm forever thankful for her encouraging message of hope and recovery. As a DBT therapist, this is a book I can strongly recommend to my clients and their families.
Amanda L. Smith, LCSW, Treatment Consultant for Borderline Personality Disorder and Self Injury and author of The Borderline Personality Disorder Wellness Planner for Families
This book brings to life, and provides an invaluable insight into, the experiences of the stigma that is encountered when living with Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as approaches for managing BPD.
Professor John Baker, University of Leeds, Chair of Mental Health Nursing
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Talking About BPD. Anyone who reads the book with an open mind - patient, provider, family member or friend, will likely not think about BPD in the same way as they did before. [A] remarkable and much needed contribution.
Kevin Dawkins, Executive Producer, BPDVideo.com