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Basic Blockchain

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9th January 2020

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The only book you need to understand blockchain: what it is, how it works and how it will transform business, society and our everyday lives. Basic Blockchain is an accessible, non-technical introduction to a revolutionary technology.

‘Makes it easy for the average business executive to understand blockchain’ — Chris Larsen, founder and chairman, Ripple

‘An essential tool for those looking to distinguish information from noise’ — Eva Kaili, MEP and Chair of The Committee for the Future of Science and Technology

A revolution is under way across the globe, yet very few people understand it. Basic Blockchain will explain everything you need to know to understand the technology that will soon disrupt and revolutionise everything from financial and health services to the property market and how we vote.

Born of an obscure body of research on game theory developed by NASA, originally championed by drug dealers seeking to launder ill-gotten gains, accelerated by entrepreneurs seeking to improve financial access for the poor, funded by giant corporate interests attracted to the potential for billions of dollars of cost savings, blockchain heralds a new era of financial inclusion, legal inclusion for the dispossessed and lower prices for consumers. In short, it will enact radical change on our lives.

In this book, David L. Shrier, one of MIT and Oxford University’s leading futurists, explains for the general reader:

– The history of blockchain, its apocryphal progenitor Satoshi Nakamoto and the socioeconomic context of its origins in the 2008 financial crisis.

– How blockchain works, including the core technologies that drive it such as cryptographic hashes and network theory, all described in simple, understandable terms.

– The potential of blockchain, including its impact on our jobs, industry and society as a whole.

Blockchain will disrupt and transform our world in profound ways. This accessible book, written by a global authority on blockchain, is the essential introduction to the next technological revolution.


Chris Larsen, founder and chairman, Ripple
David, a long-time expert in fintech, makes it easy for the average business executive to understand blockchain. He then shows us some of the exciting possibilities that could one day create trillion-dollar industries
Randy Brown, Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life and Head of Insurance Asset Management, SLC Management
David has brought blockchain to life, driving insights into how to use it to promote transparency and efficiency. I found it helpful as I think through optimizing management of a $110 billion investment portfolio
Anand Patel, Medium
This book is unlike any other that covers this complicated topic. After reading it, you will be able to understand the core concepts of blockchain
Jaime Bermudez, Managing Partner, MBA Lazard and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Colombia
Blockchain could transform everything from financial services and currencies, how we process payments, insurance and medical records to government and the application of law. Shrier clearly illustrates the game-changing role blockchain could play in all kinds of everyday activities and businesses. Basic Blockchain is an excellent and visionary outlook of what a better future could look like
Eva Kaili, MEP and Chair of The Committee for the Future of Science and Technology
Blockchain is already part of our everyday life. Its promise to reinvent the concept of trust and create optimal governance systems for the brave new data economy is ground-breaking. The distributed ledger's utility is to strengthen us as citizens and customers. David Shrier's Basic Blockchain is an essential tool for those looking to distinguish information from noise . . . It is a complete and reliable guide for policy makers, regulators and business leaders who need to make informed decisions beyond the hype
The Hon. David Burt, JP, MP, Premier of Bermuda
Basic Blockchain is a must-read for anyone who wants to get an understanding of this emerging and disruptive technology. It is pitched at the busy executive or public service employee who knows that they should understand blockchain technology and its applications, but just hasn't been able to set aside the time to fully grasp it . . . It's a quick read that anyone can finish during the time it takes to fly from JFK to Bermuda. Well done, David