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Would you sacrifice another family to save your own?

Jeff Talley left his high-stress job as a frontline negotiator with the LAPD’s SWAT unit when he failed to prevent a man from killing his family and then himself. Talley takes the chief-of-police job in a sleepy, affluent suburb, but he is soon plunged back into the high-pressure world he left behind when three young men, fleeing a robbery, burst into a home and take the family hostage.

For Talley, the nightmare has barely begun. Because this isn’t just any house. It belongs to an accountant who launders money for LA’s renegade Mafia family – and they don’t want the police involved…


If you're new to Crais HOSTAGE is a brilliant intro. Read this, then read all his others
[Crais has] succeeded in wringing the maximum thrills from the story of a liquor store hold-up that goes wrong ... The suspense is kept up throughout
Crais just gets better and better
A brilliantly engineered thriller . . . Meticulously planned and orchestrated narrative . . . Enough plot for three run-of-the-mill novels . . . Characterisation as powerful as the logistics, with children under pressure, mother-killing psychopath and doomed mobster especially impressive. Allocate time for reading; you won't want to leave the book alone for long
Another terrific stand-alone novel . . . Blistering
Crais remains in excellent form with another stand-alone novel and easily one of the most compelling thrillers of the year