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Body by Starfleet speaks directly to and about one of today’s most influential, literate, and free-spending demographics: pop culture fans. And it’s these people, from sci-fi supporters to film enthusiasts to TV devotees, that are finally coming out of the underground dilithium crystal mines of their parents’ basements and into gyms, Pilates studios, and yoga classes.

Body by Starfleet can bridge the nexus between stasis and health to provide fans of all ages and physical abilities practical and fun exercises so that they may truly live long and prosper. Created for incoming cadets of all ages and fitness levels (cadet, commander, captain, admiral), Body by Starfleet will include real exercises designed by a certified, experienced trainer — all with a fun Star Trek bent (or lift or squat or lunge). With simple, easy-to-follow instructions, readers will be guided through a series of exercises accompanied by fun illustrations (of Humans doing situps, Klingons doing burpees, Vulcans doing squats, Andorians doing pullups, Gorn doing crunches, and more). All exercises will be designed for standard gravity, so they can be performed from living rooms to gyms to holodecks to deep space stations to Sovereign Class spaceships.