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At last comes a book which stands out from the welter of fitness advice offered by improbably shaped models and musclemen. For Ranulph Fiennes, described by the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS as ‘the world’s greatest living explorer’, physical fitness is no fad: it has enabled him to withstand the rigours of desert and glacier alike. The book includes research into body types and environmental effects; advice on self-motivation, diet and basic food control and guidance on avoiding stress, illness and injury. Beginning with basic exercises designed to help you maintain a minimum level of fitness and progressing through to training regimes tailored to those who are aiming for greater heights in sport, adventure or everyday life, FIT FOR LIFE provides practical help and encouragement to take you as far as you wish to go.


Ranulph Fienne s' caution "only the fit survive" at the beginning of this book prepares the reader for what is much more than a post-binge fitness fad. For Fit for Life is, says Fiennes, a way of life; a manner of eating and exercise that can not only make you look better but which will also enhance your energy levels, improve your base fitness levels and probably prolong your life.
With the caveat that most of us probably wouldn't be up to polar expeditions (even if we did have the desire!) Fiennes goes on to convince even the most doubting couch potato that tip-top fitness is within everyone's reach. And the biggest surprise of the
Step by step, Fiennes takes you through genetic disposition to laziness, what's good (and bad) to eat and how to choose a sport and start an exercise programme, all the time assuring you that he is really the laziest person in the world who has to be cajo
Illustrated extensively with photographs taking you through every recommended exercise, this book really is all you need (aside from motivation), whether you just want to reach a good general level of fitness and health, or go on and become an outstanding