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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781529344851

Price: £16.99

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‘If you want to be more present, more reactive and have more fun – this book is for you’ SARA PASCOE
‘Funny, insightful and inspiring’ RACHEL PARRIS
‘Essential reading for anyone wanting to do life, but better’ CARIAD LLOYD
‘A wonderfully witty, charmingly personal guide to the art of improvisation for the stage & life’ DEBORAH FRANCES WHITE

An improviser’s guide to embracing whatever life throws at you!

PIPPA EVANS is an expert in saying Yes – and No. She’s a master of thinking on her feet, but has also had to learn how to go with the flow. In this book she’s passing on everything she’s learnt from her award winning improv career, as both a performer and teacher, so YOU can take centre stage in your own life.

In telling her story, delving into the craft of improvisation, and sharing fun exercises and practice you can do at home, Pippa will help you become fully yourself – realising your potential and ability to adapt to the ever changing world around you. It’s dangerous, being yourself, but let’s just take it one step at a time. Open the book, take a breath and get ready to say YES.

(If it’s a NO from you then perhaps consider buying for a friend, family member or enemy who you think needs some improv-ment)


Pippa is one of the greatest improvisers I've ever seen on stage. To be in a show with her is a joy, to be taught by her is a privilege and now to have her thoughts all written down to digest, is a triumph. Essential reading for anyone wanting to do life, but better
Cariad Lloyd
'There's no short-cut' they used to say, but Pippa has sneakily written one. Whether you're already performing and want a guide to get you out of your head, or if you secretly wish you could be more creative- this book is for you. Pippa knows what is holding you back and if you want to be more present, more reactive and have more fun- this book is for you!
Sara Pascoe
Funny, insightful and inspiring. This book will make you question yourself in the best possible way. Brings improv into your everyday life; this book really will change your life.
Rachel Parris
A wonderfully witty, charmingly personal guide to the art of improvisation for the stage & life. Full of insights that'll kick you out of a rut & have you freewheeling with style like the glorious Pippa Evans herself.
Deborah Frances White
The most useful self-help book I have ever come across, practical, easy and very very funny - it's for anyone who gets completely stuck when it comes to life. Follow Pippa's advice, she is very wise and this book is a lot of fun to read.
Luisa Omielan
For anyone who is an admirer of the art of improvisation, this is a wonderfully fun, easy to read, and inspiring insight into how to have fun, let go, and impro - from a pro! With lots of tips and useful exercises, it's also shows you how to turn improv into a very useful life-skill. Say yes, and buy it!
Susie Donkin
This book is marvellous. A must have if you're into the wonderful world of improvisation. Written by one of the most talented improvisers around - the amazing Pippa Evans. I perform with her so I know!
Josie Lawrence
Pippa's beautiful book conveys both the sheer joy of the stage experience and how readily those simple practices can be applied to everyday life with uplifting results. Of course, the two arenas are not separate - they are both about embracing togetherness and fallibility.
Neil Mullarkey
I was very impressed with this book, it reminded me a bit of Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Clive Anderson, Loose Ends, BBC Radio 4