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If you want to know your consequentialism from your deontology and your Aristotle from your Kant, strap in for this whirlwind tour of the essentials of ethics

Embark on a journey of introspection and critical thinking with The Little Book of Ethics. In its most basic form, ethics is about deciding what is right and what is wrong. This accessible and thought-provoking guide will take you on a captivating exploration of the fundamental questions that form our decisions and actions, asking, what is the right thing to do in a certain set of circumstances? What can we base our decision on? Is there always a correct decision, or is it always a bit unclear?

This pocket-sized introduction offers a comprehensive overview of major ethical theories and philosophical ideas, including:
– The key concepts of ethics, from moral reasoning and consequentialism to moral responsibility, deontology and virtue ethics
– Real-world ethical dilemmas, such as bioethics and environmental ethics, and how to apply these principles to your own life
– The significance of ethical reasoning in everyday life, as well as its impact on broader societal issues

This illuminating little book will introduce you to the key thinkers, themes and theories you need to know to navigate the intricate tapestry of human morality. A perfect gift for anyone taking their first steps into the world of ethics, as well as for those who want to brush up their knowledge.