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As his 50th birthday dawned, Peter Dunne had a life-changing conversation with a friend and realised that, while he may not have invented the internet or found a cure for cancer, he had nonetheless fathered three remarkable and beautiful children.

Inspired by that fact, he set out to leave a trail of metaphorical breadcrumbs for them, so that if they ever needed to know what their father might have had to say on a particular subject, it would be set down for them.

The result is a book of letters from a father to his children, and though the stories are firmly set in a place and time, the themes and the tone are universal and timeless. From Compromise to Compassion, from Democracy to Sacrifice, THE 50 THINGS explores the social mores and morality of our time and tries to answer the eternal questions that line the path to peace of mind.


"Few exude the love warmth, humour, humility, and insightfulness we all aspire to, as naturally and generously as Peter Dunne and I can't recommend the soul-warming experience of reading his wonderful blog-born, hence uncontrived, book highly enough." Stephen Russell, aka The Barefoot Doctor
"Humane, funny and above all loving. I wish I'd written it to my children." Fiona Bruce
"This book is that rare thing: a non-preachy and super-helpful guide. Every page made me smile and some laugh aloud." Eoin Colfer, bestselling author of Artemis Fowl
"This is a book for the ages. As you read it, you think why didn't somebody do this a long time ago? Every father should have it and every child should read it." Jim Sheridan
I wish I had had this book by my side when I was starting out, giving very straightforward advice, and helping us make sense of often confusing and difficult situations and emotions we meet along the way. A book to be kept in your back pocket at all times!
Penelope Wilton
If the 50 gems in this book were collected in the first 50 years of Peter Dunne's life, let's pray that he lives to 100. Really smart and thoughtful and insightful...and pretty damn funny, too.
Peter Farrelly, director of Oscar-nominated Green Book