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This is a comprehensive guide to some of the difficulties and disorders which can cause children to become disruptive at school and in the home. It examines the nature of EBDs and their potential causes, whether social, psychological or biological and discusses the issues that can arise for professionals involved in their assessment, analysing the various methods used. It is an excellent introduction for both educational and medical professionals.’

– Aslib Book Guide

‘A useful book for those working both in child mental health services and in education.’

– British Journal of Psychiatry

Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBDs) present a challenge for parents, teachers and other professionals alike. Understanding and Supporting Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties is a comprehensive guide to this group of ill-defined, often unrelated disorders, which can cause children to become disruptive both at school and in the home.

The contributors stress that EBDs are ultimately a form of communication, albeit an antagonistic one, and evaluate the success of different methods of intervention in clinical, educational and family settings. They argue that successful intervention in any environment requires an appreciation of the complex interplay in the social and personal factors affecting each child. Finally the book explores the future of EBDs and their treatment, calling for a greater understanding of children with EBDs and improved cooperation between the educational and medical forms of intervention.