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Heal the emotional scars of the past and develop profound spiritual awareness with innovative, past-life hypnotic regression practices. Deep within you resides a great spirit—a place of profound wisdom, creativity, power, and love. But layers of hurt from early life, and from the defenses you’ve created to avoid further hurt, have accumulated and diminished that spirit over time—lifetimes, really—obscuring what is magnificent about you—your authentic self. This transformational and healing guide will help you awaken to the wisdom within yourself, break through the layers of emotional protection you’ve placed around your heart, and heal the scars of trauma that hold you back from happiness and fulfillment. During this process, you’ll discover the source of your pain—whether that lies in your body, your mind, in your personal and family history, or in your soul—so you can finally release it. In the end, you’ll find the strength needed to navigate all the challenges of life. If you’re ready to reveal the true you—the one that lies beneath the scars of trauma—this book provides essential healing to guide you.