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Packed with all the quirky fun of the TV show, in these original adventures the Powerpuff Girls will fight baddies, save the day and be home before bedtime!

It’s just an ordinary day in Townsville and Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, three crime-fighting superhero sisters, are battling a giant toaster monster.

But when their house gets destroyed, the girls are devastated. It wasn’t just their superhero base – it was their home.
Suddenly they have a new mission: to find the best house ever.

Unfortunately, fiendish fashionista criminals Barbie and Bianca Bikini (Barbie also happens to be a gorilla) have heard about the girls’ housing crisis – and come up with a plan to trap the Powerpuff Girls, for ever!

How can the sisters save the day when they can’t even save each other?