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Crushing OCD Workbook for Kids

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21st February 2024

Price: £16.99

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Selected: ebook / ISBN-13: 9781839978890

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Show OCD who’s boss!

Using the exercises in this book, you’ll learn how to spot when OCD is stirring up trouble, and how to stop it in its tracks. All 50 activities are designed by an expert therapist for kids aged 8-12 to help you grow your skills to take down OCD – starting with how to recognize compulsions, and building up to using exposure so you can tackle OCD even when it’s sleeping. This book also contains helpful info for parents and carers so they can be effective backup while you’re working on your OCD skills.

Each section of this book shows you how to build a different skill, so you can handle whatever OCD throws at you and build up all your muscles to crush OCD!


Dawn Huebner, PhD, Outsmarting Worry and Dr. Dawn's Mini Books About Mighty Fears
Smart, funny, direct, and clear, the best of Natasha Daniels in book form, motivating and empowering children to get on top of even intractable-seeming OCD.
Jon Hershfield, LCMFT, Director of the Center for OCD and Anxiety at Sheppard Pratt and author of When a Family Member Has OCD
A good OCD workbook for kids is best judged by whether it would still be a good workbook for adults and Crushing OCD Workbook for Kids does not disappoint. Daniels skillfully strips away a lot of the unnecessary abstractions that pad adult workbooks and articulates the core concepts to a young audience that just needs the facts. OCD is a thought filtering problem, as she explains, and this filter can be further jammed or effectively unjammed. The book leads with building up an awareness of the reader's strengths and guides them step-by-step through the most effective unjamming tools. Kids who utilize this resource (with or without the guidance of a therapist or parent) will come away inspired to take command of their OCD.