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Let Dogs Be Dogs

Let Dogs Be Dogs

Today’s dog training market is filled with fads and quick fixes, and most dog owners are so desperate for solutions that they spend princely sums to rehabilitate their dogs. Many modern training techniques fail both people and dogs, though, and throwing money, discipline, or pills at dog behavioral problems can’t fix a bond between a dog and its owner that was broken in the first place.

But in a world where many people don’t have the ability to spend as much time with their beloved canines as they’d like, how do you nurture a whole and sustaining connection with your dog?

Building on the approach set forth in their two enduring bestsellers, The Monks of New Skete unveil a new mindset that realizes a life with your dog that once seemed unimaginable. They guide the reader on how to use the time they already spend with their dogs more wisely, and give them specific goals to meet the dog’s needs. This book will show you how to live with your canine companion in an intentional, purposeful, and deeply rewarding way.

Transformative for canine companion and human alike, THE ART OF LIVING WITH YOUR DOG will be an essential addition to any serious dog owner’s bookshelf.
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Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure / Natural History

On Sale: 28th September 2017

Price: £20.99

ISBN-13: 9780316387934