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We Are The Dead

We Are The Dead

The war is over. The enemy’s won. Now it’s time to fight back.
For generations, the people of Jia – a land where magic has long since faded from the world, clinging on in only a few rare individuals – have been protected from the northern Egril hordes by their warrior caste, but their enemy has not been idle. They have rediscovered magic and use it to launch an overwhelming surprise attack. An invasion has begun.

And in moments, the war is over. Resistance is quashed. Kings and city leaders are barricaded in their homes awaiting banishment and execution, the warriors are massacred, and a helpless people submit to the brutality of Egril rule.

Jia’s heroes have failed it. They are all gone. And yet… there is still hope. Soon the fate of the kingdom will fall into the hands of a schoolboy terrorist, a crippled Shulka warrior and his wheelchair bound son, a single mother desperate enough to do anything she can to protect her baby… and Tinnstra, disgraced daughter of the Shulka’s greatest leader, who now lies dead by Egril hands.

A brand new epic fantasy: gritty and modern featuring a unique ensemble of characters who will lead a revolution against their overlords.

PERFECT FOR readers of Brent Weeks, Brandon Sanderson, and Peter V. Brett
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

On Sale: 8th August 2019

Price: £19.99

ISBN-13: 9781473228313


Hooked from page one, We Are the Dead rattles along with the pace of a runaway bullet train. Original, engaging, flawed but very-human characters draw us into a world rent by war, a world of brutal occupation, tarnished honour and devastating magics. This is a powerful debut and Shackle is an author to watch
Gavin Smith, author of The Bastard Legion
A masterpiece of a story about hope, resistance and fellowship
The Book Bag
Like Tarantino crossed with David Gemmell . . . Absolutely splendid. Shackle has come up with something really special here
Peter McLean, author of Priest of Bones
Likely the next Game of Thrones, and the best book I've read in several years. Erikson, Martin and Rothfuss are going to have to shove over and make room at the bar . . . I can't think how to tone down my enthusiasm
Glen Cook, author of The Black Company
An adventure that's rich in darkness and bloodshed.
We Are the Dead is a fantasy novel that is able to blend the modern trends of dark fantasy with the magical styles of the past
SF Book
We Are the Dead is a staggering, marvellous and gripping fantasy debut
Grimdark Magazine
A barnstorming book of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances - great fun and very entertaining
Tom Lloyd, author of Stranger of Tempest
Gripping, grim and glorious
Mark Stay, author of The End of Magic
Fans of Joe Abercrombie and R.F. Kuang are sure to find something to love here
Fantasy Hive
An utter masterpiece
Where There's Ink There's Paper
A brutal showstopper of a novel
Always Trust in Books
This is a good fun resistance story, featuring thoroughly horrible, and believable, occupiers
Morning Star
A barnstorming book of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances - great fun and very entertaining
Tom Lloyd, author of Stranger of Tempest
A fantastic, enthralling debut. Imagine if Akira Kurosawa and Joe Abercrombie wrote a fantasy thriller with a pace that moves at the speed of light. Can't wait for the next book
Jeremy Szal, author of Stormblood
One of the best fantasy debuts in years
Civilian Reader