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5th December 2023

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780349438832

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Learn the NASA Astronaut mindset to solve problems, provide leadership in the face of adversity and never give up when pursuing your wildest ambitions.

Mike Massimino achieved his dream of exploring space. Now he distils stories and insights from NASA into an actionable guide to accomplish your biggest goals. Mike reveals how to make possible the seemingly impossible – on Earth. Written with characteristic wit and a big heart, Mike identifies ten hard-earned lessons of spaceflight and his other life experiences, including:

One in a Million Is Not Zero: The odds are against you. Do it anyway.
The Thirty-Second Rule: You’re going to make mistakes. Learn how to deal with them.
Be Amazed: The universe is an incredible place. Stop what you’re doing and look around.
Know When to Pivot: Change is inevitable. Accept and embrace it.

We all have our own personal ‘moon shots’ we’d like to take in life, but as mission control will tell you, doing one big thing really means getting a thousand little things right along the way. Moonshot is the book that will show you how to do just that, and help set you on the right path to achieve your own personal and professional dreams.

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Mail on Sunday
A poignant reminder that although space exploration depends on hard science, mind-bogglingly complex calculations and cutting edge technology, it is, at heart, a very human enterprise
Mayim Bialik Ph.D., New York Times Bestselling Author of Girling Up, actress The Big Bang Theory, host of Jeopardy
Moonshot by Mike Massimino - indisputably, the coolest astronaut that has ever lived - is a truly out of this world guidebook for life that we all need to read: a delightful, insightful analysis of what it means to achieve, to succeed and to dream really big
Admiral William H. McRaven, bestselling author of Make Your Bed
Wonderfully entertaining, deeply personal and filled with heart-pounding stories of life among the stars. Mike Massimino has gathered lessons from his decades as a NASA astronaut that will help all us earthbound mortals find success in whatever journey we are on. Moonshot is exactly the book we all need right now!
Scott Kelly, former NASA astronaut and commander of the space shuttle and International Space Station, and New York Times bestselling author of Endurance and Infinite Wonder
An exhilarating journey into the profound principles of leadership, the transformative power of teamwork, and the unwavering commitment to integrity that underpin success in the unforgiving environment of space. Moonshot becomes a beacon of inspiration for all, shedding light on what it truly takes to excel amidst the stars
Joe Torre, Baseball Hall of Famer, four-time World Series Championship manager of the New York Yankees, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Yankee Years and Chasing the Dream
A team needs to commit to a shared goal before any great accomplishment can enter the record books. In Moonshot, Mike Massimino illustrates that through determination, sacrifices, and teamwork, no dream is too bold. Mike's story vividly demonstrates that an embrace of the so-called "little things" is essential to beating the odds and reaching extraordinary heights together. Moonshot reminds us that the obstacles we encounter in pursuit of our dreams can be defeated by the power of our perseverance