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What is the ace lens?
Is my relationship queerplatonic?
Am I sex-favorable, sex-averse or sex-repulsed?

As an ace or questioning person in an oh-so-allo world, you’re probably in desperate need of a cheat sheet. Allow us to introduce your new asexual best friend, an essential resource serving up the life hacks you need to fully embrace the ace. Expect interviews with remarkable aces across the spectrum, advice on navigating different communities , and low-key ways to flaunt your ace identity.

Covering everything from coming out, explaining asexuality and understanding different types of attraction, to marriage, relationships, sex, consent, gatekeeping, religion, ace culture and more, this is the ultimate arsenal for whatever the allo world throws at you.


Cody-Daigle Orians, asexuality writer, educator and advocate
Ace Notes is an approachable, thoughtful field guide for ace folks wanting to safely navigate identity and community. Its ambitions are far-ranging, but its approach is warm and personal. Kirichanskaya has given us a book that celebrates the importance and power of making our asexuality our own.
Lisa Jenn Bigelow, librarian and author of Hazel's Theory of Evolution (2019), Drum Roll Please (2018) and Starting From Here (2012)
Engaging and educational, validating and personal, Ace Notes reads like a handshake, hug, and high-five rolled into one. It's hard to imagine a warmer welcome to the ace community.
Ev'Yan Whitney, sexuality doula and author of Sensual Self
A vital resource for those of us on the ace spectrum who seek understanding, affirmation, community, and celebration within our nuanced asexualities in a world that often offers us none of those things. This is required reading for anyone who thinks they might be ace and the ones that love us regardless.
Courtney Lane & Royce, asexual activists and hosts of The Ace Couple Podcast
Insightful and kindhearted, Ace Notes proves to be a necessary survival companion for those experiencing the joys and struggles of exploring identity, relationships, community, and self-expression as an ace person. With Michele Kirichanskaya as your guide, every page exudes authenticity.
Elle Rose, writer and demisexuality advocate
An accessible stepping stone for anyone looking to learn about asexuality
Julie Sondra Decker
Uplifting and encouraging while not shying away from the realities of living as an asexual person in a sexualized world, Ace Notes gives context to ace experience through interviews, perspectives, quotes, philosophy, and advice for those on the ace spectrum. An accessible, conversational voice to an underrepresented topic.