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We have countless conversations throughout our life, yet the most critical one-discussing death-is the one we just aren’t having. But what if talking about death wasn’t the loaded, uncomfortable conversation we’ve come to dread? What if death wasn’t a repressed topic, but one capable of bringing us closer to those we love? Michael Hebb, founder of Death Over Dinner, examines these questions and sparks a change in how we talk about death, one conversation at a time.

Sharing prompts that have lead hundreds of thousands of discussions, Let’s Talk About Death (Over Dinner) helps you broach everything from end-of-life care to the meaning of legacy, to how long we should grieve:

What does a good death look like?

If you could extend your life, how many years would you add? Twenty, fifty, one hundred, forever?

If you were to design your own funeral or memorial, what would it look like?

What do you want your legacy to be?

Designed to help you talk about death’s most difficult aspects, these thought-provoking prompts, and the powerful stories that support them, help transform the most difficult conversations into celebratory and meaningful opportunities — ways that not only change the way we die, but the way we live.