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First published in 1974, this publication highlighted the virtual revolution in children’s physical development after the second world war – changes that are increasingly relevant today. Children are taller, they mature earlier, certain diseases have been almost eliminated, and obesity is a more serious problem than malnutrition. It had been hoped that rising standards of physical health and material prosperity would reduce the incidence of low educational attainment, maladjustment and delinquency. However, it has become increasingly evident that problems of emotional, social and educational malfunctioning will not be solved by improvements in standards of living alone.

This ebook offers a comprehensive review of the developmental needs of all children and the consequences for the emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth and development of children when, for one reason or another, these needs are not adequately met.

It brings together insights from the many relevant fields and is a valuable resource for those wishing to know more about child development and parenthood as well as those concerned with disseminating such knowledge.