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In this fresh reinterpretation of Sleeping Beauty, Aurora’s older half-sister is the heroine of the story, training in the art of magic to protect the princess from dark supernatural creatures who wish her harm.

Miriam is the only daughter of Queen Alethia of Tirendell, but she’s not a princess…this is because she is the child of Alethia and her previous husband, the King’s Champion. When her baby sister Aurora is born, she’s ecstatic. She adores the baby, who seems to be perfect to her in every way. But on the day of the christening, an uninvited Dark Fae prepares to curse the little princess. Which is when Miriam jumps between them, screaming in rage and terror “Don’t you touch her!” And something impossible happens. A shield of power springs up around Miriam, which deflects the curse back on the Dark Fae, blasting her into dust. From that day forward, Miriam is trained in magic and combat so she can act as chief protector to her baby sister as shadowy threats outside the kingdom move ever closer.