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Step into the enchanting world of faeries, pixies, sprites and more with this beginner’s guide to the history and mythology of fae folk

People have long been mesmerized by the magic and mystery of faeries. From the winged spirits of Persian mythology to Shakespeare’s forest-dwelling troublemakers, there’s something about these beguiling creatures that has captured our attention for centuries.

Prepare yourself for a spellbinding adventure into the faerie realm with this essential introduction to all things fae. Just like the creatures themselves, this book is pocket-sized and full of magic, mirth and mischief.

Inside you will discover:
– The fascinating history and origins of faerie folklore
– The different characteristics and classifications of faerie, including pixies, brownies, dwarfs and more
– An overview of the legendary tales that shaped how faeries are viewed across different mythologies
– A summary of faerie depictions in the twentieth century and beyond, from the works of Tolkien to J. M. Barrie

For a reading experience filled with sparkle and wonder, all you need is this book, a comfortable chair, and a sprinkle of faerie dust.