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A terrific novel of scams, double-bluffs – and incredible suspense

Kip Largo has recently emerged from a jail term for security fraud. He used to be a master conman, but now he’s trying to go straight, working at a dry cleaner’s while running an internet vitamin business on the side. But when Lauren Napier, the wife of a big Las Vegas businessman, comes to him with a proposition to steal $20 million of her husband Ed Napier’s money, Kip can’t resist the prospect of an artful con.

He recruits some friends: Jessica, a stripper turned porn producer, his wayward son, Toby and Peter, a brilliant college hacker. They convince Napier that they’ve developed software that predicts stock prices, and with the smell of so much money in the air, Napier can’t wait to invest.

But things don’t go to plan: it quickly emerges that someone on the inside is feeding information to another party. The con’s in tatters, and Kip must fight to keep himself – and his son – alive.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Thriller / Suspense

On Sale: 9th April 2012

Price: £4.49

ISBN-13: 9781409109112


a twists-and-turns account of a clever con that goes horribly wrong
A wonderful read...from beginning to end, you'll be rooting for the flawed but lovable Kip