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So you think you know horses? This book is just what you need to give you even more horse sense.

Whether you live to ride or just admire horses, you’ll get the inside track on all things equine in this must-read compendium. From breeding and behaviour to medical tips and trivia, plus historical and contemporary facts, you really can’t do without this book.

*How long does it take a foal to learn to stand?
*What’s the difference between a pony and a horse?
*Why can’t a horse wear a cast on a broken leg?
*How do directors get horses to fall down in films?
*Does a horse know if it’s won a race?
*How much horsepower does a horse really have?
*Do horses have good memories?

This book is another reason to celebrate the mutual love, trust and devotion between humans and horses.


If you love everything to do with horses, this book is perfect for you.