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The Mind of a Conservative Woman

The Mind of a Conservative Woman

Reject our society’s liberal bias against conservative women and learn how traditional principles will secure a better future for us all with this inspiring guide from a political powerhouse.

The Mind of a Conservative Woman challenges women to improve their place in life and open doors for themselves and the next generation through the courage of their convictions. Senator Blackburn expounds upon why beliefs labeled as “traditional” have common ground and can improve all of society, such as:

* Protecting the next generation, the family, and the freedom of faith and values,
* Supporting a free market that rewards women who apply their talents and rise to great heights,
* Respecting the institutions in our nation to make change from the inside,
* Securing an effective government that will not overreach, and
* Honoring and respecting those who hold differing opinions.

Though it is politically liberal women who receive the attention of left-leaning media and universities, it is conservatism that guarantees what most women hold dear. Blackburn addresses the frustrations of working women and the false perceptions of women presented by the media in general.

Her maxim “Leave Things in Better Shape Than You Found Them” will challenge you to improve your place in life and create opportunities you never dreamed possible for yourself and those around you.
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Genre: Society & Social Sciences / Politics & Government

On Sale: 24th September 2020

Price: £22.99

ISBN-13: 9781546059219