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Genre: Technology, Engineering, Agriculture

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‘Engaging, authoritative and very timely. Marco Alverà spells Hydrogen’s critical role as an energy store in the clean power transition’ – Mike Berners-Lee, author of THERE IS NO PLANET B

Picture this: It’s 2050. The looming shadow of climate change is finally receding. The planet’s temperature is stabilising. Rainforests and coral reefs beginning to thrive once more. We are returning to equilibrium with nature.

This isn’t wishful thinking; it can be our reality. We just need to embrace hydrogen: the missing link.

The beauty of hydrogen is its simplicity. It’s simple to make, and simple to use. You are essentially bottling sunlight from renewable energy sources in the form of hydrogen, and using it to bring clean energy to every corner of the globe. The best part about hydrogen is that when you use it, the only by-product is water.

As energy expert Marco Alverà explains, if we’re going to heal the climate, we need to start thinking big. This book is the blueprint for how to get us there. Whether you are a policy maker, a business person, an activist, or simply curious, the message is this: there is hope, for us and our planet. Hydrogen can help save the world.

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A comprehensive and comprehensible vision for hydrogen from a top business leader.
Jonathan Stern, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
An engaging and insightful overview of the tiny molecule that could revolutionise climate action. Like hydrogen itself, Marco Alverà is a superb connector - of ideas, approaches and practical, positive solutions.
Dr Gabrielle Walker
Engaging, authoritative and very timely. Marco Alverà spells Hydrogen's critical role as an energy store in the clean power transition, and who can do what right now to kick it over the line
Mike Berners-Lee, author of THERE IS NO PLANET B
This book offers clear and thought-provoking ideas about the future of hydrogen. It can help inform the conversation on how to enable hydrogen to play an important role in global clean energy transitions.
Dr Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director
This book presents a vision for the future based on hydrogen and renewables that is clear, grounded and hopeful. It also provides crucial tools and information to fully understand the forces shaping the energy transition - and get involved.
Francesco La Camera, Director General of IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)
Marco Alverà paints a vibrant and achievable vision for green hydrogen's role in the transition towards a sustainable global energy system.
Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of RMI
A comprehensive and up to date piece of work on the compelling reality and value proposition of green hydrogen to decarbonize the hard to abate sectors, presented in an engaging, easy to read and assimilated style; a must read for all.
Paddy Padmanathan, CEO of ACWA Power
To achieve the climate goals from the Paris Agreement, we need a wholesale transformation of our energy system. This book sets out compellingly the role that Hydrogen plays in this transformation and is an important contribution to advance the energy transition.
Mark Carney
In The Hydrogen Revolution Marco has written an invaluable explainer on hydrogen - a key to us achieving net zero. But perhaps more importantly the book is an urgent rallying call for action, a call policy-makers across the globe need to heed.
Peter Mandelson
In this excellently-written and engaging book, Marco Alverà sets out an attractive vision for a hydrogen-fuelled future.
Myles Allen, Director of Oxford Net Zero.
Hydrogen will undoubtedly play a crucial role in tomorrow's zero carbon economy and few people have thought more deeply about that role than Marco Alverà. In this insightful and powerfully argued book he sets out not only the feasible and attractive vision of an economy dominated by electricity and hydrogen, but the practical steps we must now take to speed progress towards that end.
Lord Adair Turner, Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission
The hydrogen revolution is coming, and this book paves the way to achieving it. Powerful, pragmatic and compelling, Marco sets out with clarity the critical role of hydrogen alongside renewable electricity to reach net-zero objectives.
Lei Zhang, Founder and CEO of Envision
Marco Alverà's new book is a rare thing - a thoughtful and deliberate manifesto to galvanize investment and public support for an essential element of the zero-carbon energy future and a pathway to stronger global partnerships. The book is an instant classic - breezy, fun, personal and easy to read, the book presents vivid and actionable choices to all readers. Alverà skilfully makes some very complex parts of the energy system easy to understand - a marvel in our jargon-strewn field. Stop reading this note already and read the book!
Dr Julio Friedmann, Columbia University, SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy
A clear articulation of how hydrogen can help save the planet. I was skeptical about hydrogen's potential, but this book changed my mind. The Hydrogen Revolution is an essential read for every climate-conscious individual.
Charles Edgar Haldeman, former Chairman of S&P Global
This is an excellent contribution to the current and essential debate on the energy revolution with a very powerful argument in favour of hydrogen, which will certainly be part of the solution to the global response to climate change.
José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, 2004/2014
No one company can solve the challenge of climate change. We share responsibility, not just across our direct emissions, but across our supply chain too. We must take responsibility for the carbon footprint of our own technology and company, but we will also go beyond that. In his new book, Marco Alverà offers a clear and compelling vision and a blueprint to ensure its success.
Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft
As the challenges of the energy transition become more apparent, hydrogen is coming to be seen not only as a new entrant but also an essential fuel for the decades ahead. Marco Alvera, a leader in the international energy industry, explains how he went from being a hydrogen skeptic to seeing the big role that hydrogen can play in the future. And more than that - a hydrogen revolution is coming, he predicts, and sooner than many expect!
Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize winning author of THE PRIZE
Compelling stuff and a must-read for armchair eco-warriors everywhere
The Swansea Bay
[This] lively book is an engaging guide to a fuel that could go mainstream faster than expected.
Financial Times, FT BOOKS OF THE YEAR