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The Unlikely Disciple

The Unlikely Disciple

As a student Kevin was eager for a term abroad – a break from the mind-numbing sameness of life at Brown University, one of the most liberal colleges in America. Kevin found the most foreign place he could in America’s backyard. Liberty University is the late Rev. Jerry Falwell’s fundamentalist Christian college for hardcore conservative Christians. The 10,000 students learn everything through a strict lens of Biblical literalism, every professor is a born-again Christian, the student code of conduct lays out a host of rules e.g. no witchcraft allowed and at spring break, they take a bus to Daytona Beach to convert the heathens. But Kevin did not go to poke fun at the students or the way of life there, far from it. He went there to try to better understand the people who are so similar and yet so different from him, to see if perhaps they have found a way to live that is more rewarding than his own. What begins as a journey to reveal what is actually going on at the nation’s largest Christian fundamentalist school ends up revealing more about Kevin than he could have possibly imagined.
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Genre: Biography & True Stories / Biography: General

On Sale: 1st July 2010

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9780446178433


Roose may be young...but he writes like a seasoned veteran
- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY 'Roose tells his story entertainingly...level-headed, nuanced, keenly observant’