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Africa in Fashion

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5th May 2022

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Selected: ebook / ISBN-13: 9781529419856

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Africa Fashion explores the kaleidoscope of craft cultures that have shaped African fashion for centuries and captures the intriguing stories of contemporary and avant-garde African brands.

Part One looks at Africa’s rich cultural heritage and place in the network of global fashion. The first chapter retells the history of African fashion, exploring Africa’s textile traditions, artisanship and role as a global resource. The second chapter presents a New Africa and examines the promise and potential of Africa’s markets, while challenging stereotypes and the concept of European hegemony particularly in the realm of luxury fashion. It also spotlights Africa’s unique position as the global industry shifts towards a more sustainable future.

Part Two ushers the reader into the spectacular world of African fashion today. It showcases a carefully curated set of the continent’s most dynamic brands and, through interviews with prominent and inspiring designers, offers rare insight into their ethos and design practice. Covering unisex fashion, menswear, womenswear, accessories and jewellery the brands are each purposefully selected to contribute uniquely to the mosaic of Africa evolving creative landscape.


Benjamin Minchell, University of the Creative Arts
The book is a much-needed tale of Africa and its contribution to fashion; both historically and contemporary. The piece's structure is inspirational for final year students writing their dissertations and creating their research projects as well as inspirational to those students beginning their career. As the university moves into a more inclusive and diverse perspective of higher education books such as this supply a positive and authentic voice from those who have lived and been part of the cultures they speak of. Africa in Fashion: The book is a modern and up-to-date view and voice of the countries of Africa and a positive and true expression of the African influence on the fashion industry. Detailed but not intimidating, thorough but not overpowered with words. Perfectly visual and informative to new and experienced students. It supplies them with basic and intermediate knowledge that can lead to bigger and more detailed work and artistic expression that is rooted in knowledge. Allowing areas of cultural appreciation to occur as well as necessary heritage stories to be told. - Benjamin Minchell, University of the Creative Arts
This book is a bang up-to-date tome with detailed research and designer profiles highlighting contemporary African fashion and it's continuing global spread and appreciation.
Comprehensive overview of contemporary African fashion... touching upon historical timeline and references like the impact of colonial oppression.
Maggie Knapp, Library Journal
A visually stimulating record of the global factors that affect colors, patterns, and shapes as they move in and out of fashion. - Maggie Knapp, Library Journal