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Poppy Song Bakes a Way (The Kids in Mrs. Z's Class #3)

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24th October 2024

Price: £5.99

Selected:  Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781523526536

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In the exciting new KIDS IN MRS. Z’S CLASS chapter-book series, every book is written by a different beloved children’s author and stars a different kid in the class. For Book Three, Poppy Song must navigate both a tricky candy recipe and her grandmother’s increasing forgetfulness in a heartwarming tale written by New York Times bestselling author Karina Yan Glaser (The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street).

When Poppy Song joined Mrs. Z’s third-grade class at Curiosity Academy, she knew just how to connect with her classmates: baked goods. Her beloved grandmother Po Po used to own her own bakery, and Poppy has inherited Po Po’s gift for making pineapple buns, egg tarts, and other sweets, which she gladly shares with the other kids in Mrs. Z’s class. After her classmates hear about a fancy treat called Dragon’s Beard candy, they can’t wait for Poppy to make some and bring it in.

Poppy is excited — and daunted — to try to make the candy, but she has other worries on her mind as well. Ever since they moved to Peppermint Falls, Po Po has been acting differently, putting items back in the wrong places, even mixing up ingredients in the recipes she knows by heart. Poppy wonders whether to say anything about these changes. Then comes a day when the differences put Po Po in danger, and Poppy must find her own courage to help her grandmother and her family figure out a way forward.

This tender novel from the author of The Vanderbeekers on 141st Street series celebrates all the people, and surprises, that make life sweet.