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Parenting isn’t easy, and parenting a child with a Global Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, or Autism can be challenging. However, a lot of parenting strategies are straightforward once you get your head around them. With the right knowledge, environment, interactions, responses and understanding, you can help reduce your child’s anxiety, build their confidence, and help them develop learning and communication skills.

Based on his work as a Clinical Psychologist working with children developing differently, Dr Joshua Muggleton provides a comprehensive, step-by-step parenting plan that will support you to embed good practice at home from day one. The book outlines how to provide the right environment for your child to learn and grow, how to model and encourage new skills, how to organise routines, and how make these strategies work in family life. By getting things right for your child early on, you can help prevent emotional and behavioural challenges before they arise, and will be better able to understand and support your child when they do. These strategies are designed to work across all neurodevelopmental conditions, and take into account co-occurring conditions such as ADHD, meaning none of the advice in the book requires your child to have a specific diagnosis. It also includes downloadable examples of charts, how-to guides for creating visual resources tailored to your child’s individual needs, and downloadable chapters on sleep and siblings.


Engagingly written, full of wisdom and warmth, this book expertly sets out our understanding of what enabling a child labelled 'different not less' looks like. Drawn from the experiences of children, families and professionals, as well as research, it is authentic and encouraging. A wonderful read that feels like having a knowing friend by your side reminding you what you're doing right, rather than someone at your shoulder telling you what you're doing wrong.
Tony Osgood, author of Supporting Positive Behaviour in Intellectual Disabilities and Autism