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The average person checks email 77 times a day, sends and receives more than 122 email messages a day and spends nearly a third of their workweek managing a constant influx of email. Even when we’re away from work, checking email is the most popular activity we engage in on our mobile devices. Email is a powerful and essential tool – but it has become a near-constant source of frustration, anxiety and distraction from our work.

In this insightful and intensely practical book, Jocelyn K. Glei explains why email is so overwhelming and addicting, and lays out strategies for limiting the energy you spend on it. These include setting meaningful work goals, clarifying to yourself which people and messages truly matter and creating a daily routine that aligns with your natural creative rhythms.

Through her actionable, thoughtful advice, Glei will help you to:

– Stop letting email dictate your mood, your focus and your to-do list
– Process your inbox efficiently
– Compose messages that get people to take action
– Establish boundaries that allow you to engage in more meaningful work.
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Genre: Health & Personal Development / Self-help & Personal Development

On Sale: 4th October 2016

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9780349414485


Email - it's a good servant but a bad master. To be happier, more productive, and more creative, we need email habits that help us focus on what matters most. Packed with insights, practical strategies, and engaging illustrations, UNSUBSCRIBE is an invaluable resource for making great use of email.
Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of THE HAPPINESS PROJECT
This is a vitally important book, an urgent call for reason that can transform the way you spend hours every day. I'm the first person who needs this advice, and I'm going to take it, starting now.
Seth Godin
Best-selling author Glei has a plan to help you regain control, she will make you think: 'Who are the people who matter?' and 'WTF are you trying to accomplish anyway?'. . . With short sections and cartoons, it's a really fun read. Follow Glei's advice and you will regain control of your technology and no longer be a slave to your e-mails
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