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Little Treatments, Big Effects

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7th September 2023

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781472147226

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If you’ve ever wanted mental health support but haven’t been able to get it, you are not alone.

In fact, you’re part of the more than 50% of adults and more than 75% of young people worldwide with unmet psychological needs. Maybe you’ve faced months-long waiting lists, or you’re not sure if your problems are ‘bad enough’ to merit treatment? Maybe you tried therapy but stopped due to costs or time constraints? Perhaps you just don’t know where to start looking? The fact is, there are infinite reasons why mental health treatment is hard to get. There’s an urgent need for new ideas and pathways to help people heal.

Little Treatments, Big Effects integrates cutting-edge psychological science, lived experience narratives and practical self-help activities to introduce a new type of therapeutic experience to audiences worldwide: single-session interventions. Its chapters unpack why systemic change in mental healthcare is necessary; the science behind how single-session interventions make it possible; how others have created ‘meaningful moments’ in their recovery journeys (and how you can, too); and how single-session interventions could transform the mental healthcare system into one that’s accessible to all.


Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO, Thrive Global
Little Treatments, Big Effects carries a message of profound hope: that we all have the power to take small steps that will have a big impact on our journeys toward meaning, growth and mental health. Rooted in rigorous research, Little Treatments, Big Effects is full of powerful stories of coping and recovery
Mitch Prinstein, professor of clinical psychology at the University of North Carolina and Chief Science Officer, American Psychological Association
The world of psychological treatment is about to change substantially, thanks in large part to Jessica Schleider, who is leading a new generation of therapists and making effective psychological treatment finally accessible to all. This outstanding book, from one of the brightest new stars in clinical psychology, represents the tipping point we need to offer affordable and effective treatment to everyone across the globe. For far too long, therapy has been more easily available to white, upper-middle class adults. Dr Schleider changes all of that with a new, scientifically-proven model for how we can finally help everyone benefit from what psychologists have known for years. Have thirty minutes? It may now be possible for you to feel much better, very quickly!
Carol Dweck, professor of psychology, Stanford University and bestselling author of 'Mindset'
Little Treatments, Big Effects is a truly remarkable book with the potential to change the face of mental health treatments. These "little treatments" are amazingly short, widely accessible, rigorously tested and surprisingly effective. They are not meant to replace other treatments, but in this time of such great need and such little availability, programmes like this are game changers. The book is also riveting, filled with people's personal accounts of their psychological turning points-moments when they suddenly saw their path forward. Just about everyone will benefit from this book!
Roz Shafran, professor at UCL Great Ormond Institute of Child Health and author of 'Overcoming Perfectionism' and 'The CBT Handbook'
This small book has the potential for a big impact. Beautifully written, it combines science with stories that together serve as the prelude for practical strategies to facilitate change. It is clear throughout that single session interventions complement existing provision but do not replace it. Transformative and ground-breaking, it is essential reading for anyone who has mental health difficulties, works in mental health or wants to help loved ones
Vikram Patel, Pershing Square professor of global health, Harvard Medical School
Imagine that a person struggling with their mental health can get the help they need, when they need it, where they are, with a good chance of a quick resolution of their distress. That is the vision presented in this book, a compelling blend of the personal lived experience, innovative science and practical self-help tools which makes it an essential resource for global mental health
Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of ' Think Again' and 'Hidden Potential', and host of the TED podcast Re:Thinking
Jessica Schleider's pioneering research reveals that not every psychological problem requires a lifetime of therapy. In this book, she demystifies the science and practice of how single-session interventions can lead to lasting change. It's a timely, important look at novel ways to manage our collective mental health crisis-and improve our individual wellbeing
James J. Gross, Ernest R. Hilgard professor of psychology, Stanford University
This beautifully written book is an absolute must! Dr Schleider radiates compassion and her scientifically grounded message is as simple as it is profound: mental health can be reliably improved by brief, carefully structured experiences that can be made accessible to everyone. This is a deeply hopeful message for our troubled times