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Rocket: A Simulation on Intercultural Teamwork is an interactive simulation that helps participants develop and hone important intercultural skills; the very skills, in fact, used in building-and operating-the International Space Station. The construction of the International Space Station-a world-class, state-of-the-art orbiting research facility-was no easy feat. Designed to support long-term exploration of space, such a complex and technical project required the collaboration of multiple international partners and was the largest scientific cooperative program in history-a true testimony to the importance of effective intercultural teams.

Rocket mimics the real-life interactions and politics of the International Space Station Program, requiring participants to work together to build a model rocket. Rocket is based on qualitative interviews conducted at NASA’s Johnson Space Center with astronauts, administrators, flight directors, flight controllers, engineers and trainers for space agencies from the U.S., Russia, Japan and Europe. This engaging tool is a fun and fresh take on training participants to work in diverse settings.


A must-have for anyone involved in intercultural skills development.
Geremie Sawadago, Senior Human Resource Officer, The World Bank Organization
A valuable and engaging teaching tool that introduces basic concepts of intercultural communication and conflict resolution while generating a significant amount of creativity and enthusiasm among participants.
Jonathan Gordon, PhD, Director of Assessment, Georgia Institute of Technology