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Longlisted for Management Book of the Year 2021

Forbes #1 Book to Help You Improve Your Performance at Work

Based on data and insights from over 100k virtual and in-person coaching conversations conducted by the talented coaches of global coaching company, BTS Coach, comes the first book to take BTS Coach’s evidence-based coaching process to a mass audience. In a concise, easy-to-understand manner, readers will discover 4 mindsets – Be, Relate, Think, and Inspire – that are most critical for individuals to experience deep, meaningful change, along with the process and tools for sparking their own powerful conversations to get the best out of themselves and those around them.


Forbes #1 Book to Help You Improve Your Performance at Work
Essential reading for any coach or leader wishing to facilitate growth and transformation that lasts. An impressive guide for coaches that is well grounded in theory and research, yet practical and full of how-tos. A resource anyone in coaching would find invaluable.
Tony Clitheroe, Executive Coach, PCC, ICF (International Coach Federation) President 2014–2018, WA Branch Australasia Charter Chapter
A fabulous book for managers and coaches. This book offers a practical and simple framework to orient though coaching conversations,whilst recognising that different situations need a different approach. A great toolkit for any manager.
Brooke Finlayson, Chief Learning Officer, Mondelez International
Based on insights from thousands of coaching engagements, Conner and Hirani have brilliantly demystified the coaching process and uncovered the conversations that truly matter. Their book offers a powerful system that will help all coaches increase their relevance, multiply their impact, and enable others to be at their best when they need it most.
Liz Wiseman, bestselling author of Multipliers and Rookie Smarts
For the past decade I've used Jerry and Karim's four greatest conversations, with outstanding results. I love the fact that I can use this approach whilst maintaining the integrity of my own (personal) coaching style. By following the guidelines outlined in this book a coach or leader will feel extremely confident about creating fundamental change in both the mindset and behaviour of the coachee. It's about time the four greatest conversations were shared with the world!
Judy McGinn, Executive Coach, PCC, ICF Australasia Western Australia Branch Professional Development Team Coordinator and Facilitator
A very practical book on deepening coaching conversations by two very accomplished and thoughtful coaches, backed up by research and great case examples.
Peter Hawkins, author and Professor of Leadership
This approach to coaching has fundamentally changed our culture. As a result attrition is down and financial performance is up. I see leaders who have experienced this work changing their entire vocabulary and approach to their jobs. They are more thoughtful in their actions and much deeper in their thinking.
David Shepard, CEO and Senior Executive, Semiconductor Sector
The authors have redefined the art of coaching conversations with these four great coaching conversations that transcend and transform.
Enrique Lopez, Author and Founder of Academia Interamericana de Coaching
Pragmatic, robust and insightful . . . a great resource for managers looking to adopt a coaching style with their teams and for leaders wanting to nurture a coaching culture within their organisations.
Abi Marchant, Human Resources Director, Danone
This book brings a rich diversity and depth of background research, and combines it with wisdom harvested from vast amounts of collective practice. It is accessible and eminently practical, while laying out natural sequences for guiding you through ever deeper layers of mastery in your coaching practice.
Jonathan Reams, Associate professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
This book is deep yet easy to read. For a coach or manager, this will be of much value to you, your coaching practice and your leadership.
Francisco Villalta, PCC, Senior Coach and author
Chalk full of research-based insights and practical tools to support changing one's underlying mindset in order to make sustainable behavioural change and overcome common leadership challenges. Changing our mindset is fundamental to sustainable behavioural change. This book provides the context, tools and research to do just that.
Carmen T. Acton, MBA, Co-Director Internal Programs, ICF San Francisco Bay Area Coaches
The impacts of the Be and Relate shifts in particular have been significant for me, professionally and personally, and for other individuals as well as us as an organization. It's hard to capture the magic of a great coach in a book or other medium, but this book does a brilliant job of explaining these powerful ideas and practical ways to apply them.
Jivan de Silver, Strategy Director UK Market, Global Hospitality/Leisure Business
Most managers I coach admit that, despite their best intentions, they tend to revert to advising and problem solving, rather than coaching. The Four Greatest Coaching Conversations gives leaders practical examples of how to use the right coaching conversation when coaches need help to build confidence, connection, inspiration or to have their mindset challenged. Stories, tips and example coaching questions help readers make sense of and apply the ideas presented. A useful tool for managers to build their mastery in the core leadership practice of coaching.
Dr. Vicki Webster, Incisive Leaders
The exceptional element in this book is the way they combine simplicity with depth and offer line managers and coaches an innovative way to help individuals, teams and organisations make profound changes in a short time.
Keren Smedley, PCC, author of Who’s that Woman in the Mirror
Integrates coaching skills, presence and psychological theories perfectly. After reading this book, you will feel like you got a masters degree in coaching.
Sabrina Park, PCC, APAC (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches) President 2013–2015, Founder of ‘Positive 100 Days Project’ movement for world peace
his is a great book for anyone learning, or honing their skills, as a coach or as a line manager. Through a series of real-life examples, the authors provide a thought provoking and structured approach to coaching individuals who are open to transformational change. On the face of it, the model, tools and techniques are simple to use, and yet reach deep into the psyche of individuals, enabling them to achieve sustainable change.
Kate O’Loughlin, author and Team and Leadership Coach, The Talent Toolbox
The key to transforming employee motivation and productivity quickly and effectively - a must read for all professional coaches and leaders.
Maria Newport, author and Managing Principal of Newport O’Connor, Executive Coaching & Consulting