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Meet Me in Bombay

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781405541404

Price: £19.99

ON SALE: 26th November 2019

Genre: Asia / Indian Sub-continent / India


‘Moving and beautifully written, this enchanting story of love and loss touched my heart’

‘Emotional, evocative and enthralling’

An epic, bittersweet love story that will draw you in and grip you to the last page’


All he needs is to find her. First he must remember who she is.

An injured soldier has lost everything, even his past. His dreams hint at his old life; flashes of a woman. His only wish is to return to her, but will his broken mind let him? And will she still be waiting for him, if it does?

Back at the start of 1914, at a party on the shores of Bombay, Madeline Bright and Luke Devereaux meet. Strangers in a foreign world, in the sweltering heat and colour of colonial India they fall in love. They want to believe nothing can come between them, not even the disapproval of Maddy’s mother. But war looms and Luke, like so many, has no choice but to fight.

Maddy’s mother urges her to move on. Yet still she clings to the promise Luke left her with: that the two of them will meet again in Bombay…

Meet Me in Bombay is a story of fierce love set against the exotic and colourful world of colonial Bombay and the tragedy of the First World War. Perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies, Lucinda Riley and Kate Furnivall.

Praise for Jenny Ashcroft:

Praise for Jenny Ashcroft:

‘Beautifully described . . . a moving love story.’ Tracy Rees
‘An evocative, absorbing story… A rich and satisfying read..’ Gill Paul
‘This lushly detailed debut is a summer-must read.’ Red
‘Impossible to put this book down.’ Kate Riordan


Gorgeous writing, lush setting, and three-dimensional characters that make up the rare unputdownable novel... Meet Me in Bombay is the kind of book that will give readers a book hangover long after they've turned the last page, leaving them aching for more.
Karen White, New York Times Bestselling Author
A great read, with a complex and involving plot, appealing characters and two touching love stories.
Judith Lennox, on ISLAND IN THE EAST
My heart! This book was sumptuous and hooked me from the first page. I fell in love with Luke and loved sprightly Maddy. The location was beautifully exotic and the storyline just compelling. I loved it. So perfectly written.
Lorna Cook
A moving, stirring love story, and so richly atmospheric. I could practically feel the sweat prickling on my skin
Rachel Rhys, on ISLAND IN THE EAST
An exquisite love story, sumptuous and so moving. A WONDERFUL book!
Tracy Rees, author of The House at Silvermoor
I loved everything about Meet Me in Bombay, from its profound sense of time and place to its vivid characters and lyrical voice, taking the reader on an exhilarating journey from colonial India to the battlefields of the First World War to the intricate workings of memory. This is a novel both epic and intimate, in which grand historical forces are played out on the territory of the human heart. Ashcroft delivers a stunning story that echoes long after you turn the final page.
Beatriz Williams, New York Times bestselling author of The Golden Hour
One of those rare and wonderful books that truly draws you into another place and time, word perfect, pitch perfect, detail perfect... Anyone who truly loves historical fiction should run to buy a copy of Meet Me in Bombay today.
Lauren Willig, New York Times Bestselling Author
Jenny Ashcroft has written a spellbinding love story that will break your heart. Set against the lush and privileged world of colonial Bombay and the horrors of the First World War, this is a tale that will stay with you. I turned that final page with tears in my eyes.
Carol Drinkwater
I really loved Meet Me in Bombay. It's a wonderfully moving novel with a story that keeps you guessing right to the final paragraph. The heat of Bombay blazes off the page and the characters, especially Maddy and Alice, are so vividly evoked that I felt their joy and their pain intensely. I was absolutely glued to the book and couldn't stop reading.
Rachel Hore
An epic, bittersweet love story that will draw you in and grip you to the last page. Lush, steamy colonial Bombay is beautifully evoked.
Gill Paul
Beautifully written and impressively researched, Island in the East is a stunner. Emotional, evocative and enthralling.
Kate Furnivall, on ISLAND IN THE EAST
Historical fiction at its atmospheric best
Sarra Manning, Red Magazine on ISLAND IN THE EAST
Brilliant; everything romantic historical fiction should be, heartfelt and heart-breaking, utterly compulsive and completely immersive
Nicola Cornick, on ISLAND IN THE EAST
Just the kind of luscious, sweeping story I most adore ... I was desperate to rush through the book to find out what happens in the end but at the same time I wanted to dwell in the pages forever.
Natasha Lester
A beautiful and evocative read ... truly is a feast for the senses
Joanna Nell
Evocative, lush and beautifully written... I couldn't put it down.
Nikola Scott, on ISLAND IN THE EAST
Meet Me in Bombay is brilliantly plotted, exquisitely written, poignant and perfect. I finished the book with tears rolling down my cheeks, and it will stay with me for a long time. I'm sure it will enchant readers far and wide
Iona Grey
From the first intriguing chapter I was hooked. I felt as if I was there in the sparkling night-time scenes, or breathing in the heady scents of the market, avoiding the pungent alleyways, and feeling the heat of Bombay, a heat that catches in your throat. Moving and beautifully written, this enchanting story of love and loss touched my heart.
Dinah Jefferies
I loved Island in the East. A fabulous book.
Vividly set against the backdrop of colonial India, Jenny Ashcroft's latest historical tale brings to life the colour, love and heartbreak that makes life worth living . . . Powerful and evocative, this will surely sweep you along
Impossible to put down.
Kate Riordan on ISLAND IN THE EAST
An evocative, absorbing story... A rich and satisfying read.
Glorious and heart wrenching. This is a powerful, poignant and deeply emotional tale of love, mystery, loss and joy.
Kate Furnivall, author of The Betrayal