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It’s a Dickensian Christmas in Bath; frost lies thick on the ground and a white mist drifts through the narrow alleys. The Green River Hotel is hosting the very last office Christmas party of the season. The employees of the firm arrive and seem shell shocked that their miserly employer, frequently referred to as Scrooge, has paid for everything. How come the change of heart? They never get the chance to ask because old ‘Scrooge’ doesn’t turn up for the party. A deadly deed has been done, and it’s up to Honey Driver and her darling DCI Doherty to solve the Christmas caper.


‘The story is sparkling, full of wisdom and wit, wonderful irony, and tongue-in-cheek charm … after reading the last page you will want to start all over again A detective novel in the best of (the) English tradition.’ 
Susann Fleischer, www.literaturmarkt.com

Honey Driver Mysteries