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Better than I have ever seen, The Power of Us assesses the influence of tribalism on our actions and specifies ways to turn the force from destructive to constructive. A truly important booK.
Robert Cialdini, author of INFLUENCE AND PRE-SUASION
As American politics shifts from fights over ideology and policies to conflict over basic identities, we increasingly need help from social psychologists to understand what is going on. The Power of Us is an excellent resource in filling this urgent need.
Francis Fukuyama, author of IDENTITY
The Power of Us is a fascinating journey into the science of identity. If you've ever struggled to understand why people join cults or mindlessly conform - or wondered how to build great teams and influence better choices - this is the book you need. It is a practical, entertaining and, above all, vital guide to human behaviour.
Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of THE POWER OF HABIT and SMARTER FASTER BETTER
The Power of Us is an endlessly entertaining and critically important book, written by two masters of their field. Delivered with lucidity and pace, it reveals the enormous power social identity has over our individual behaviour, and how it shapes the world of politics, business, social justice - and pretty much everything else.
Will Storr