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Superhero Therapy

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781472136411

Price: £9.99

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Did you ever want to become a Superhero? Did you ever wish you could get magical powers or travel through the universe, across time and space?
This dynamic new self-help book is designed to help heroes who are struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, shame and trauma.
Written by Dr. Janina Scarlet, the leading advocate of superhero therapy, a new technique that helps you to recover from common psychological and emotional problems by showing your concerns are mirrored in the stories of extraordinary superheroes from fiction. The book takes you through the core concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which will better arm you to face the challenges of your superhero quest.
Illustrated by talented comic book artist Wellinton Alves, this book tells the tale of a group of troubled heroes enlisted at the Superhero Training Academy (inspired both by fictional characters and real-life people who have benefited from this therapy), learning to overcome their problems using the techniques of ACT. This will appeal to readers with a geeky side to their nature, or anyone just seeking to find their inner superhero.

What's Inside

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'Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated, this engaging book presents Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods using comic book characters from geek culture. It's more than a style - it's a powerful new method for using evidence-based therapies to deal with mental health problems. Defusion methods are even more obviously useful when they are 'charms'; it is even clearer what needs to be done when the sword of willingness cuts anxiety monsters down to size. Welcome new recruits to the Superhero Training Academy. I hope you enjoy the super powers you will acquire!' - Steven C. Hayes, foundation professor, University of Nevada, co-developer of ACT
'Rather than a teacher, Scarlet comes off like a peer. She is like the sister we all wish we had had. Just old enough to know and young enough to trust. And wise enough to know what we are feeling' - Pastoral Care in Education
'Dr Janina Scarlet's approach to healing and empowerment is absolutely genius. With her signature blend of compassion, emotional intelligence, honesty and fun, Dr Scarlet's long-awaited Superhero Therapy gives us fascinating insight about the deepest significance of pop culture icons - and an essential guide to creating your own superhero within' - Chase Masterson, actress, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The Flash
'The geek community is lucky to be able to count Dr. Janina Scarlet among its ranks. As a big fan of this smart, compassionate woman and the fine work she does, I highly recommend this book to aspiring superheroes of all ages' - www.popmythology.com
'Superhero Therapy is a well written, simple and clear handbook, dedicated mainly for those who struggle with some difficulties - from anxiety to depression. Suggestions given by the authoress help not only to 'fight the monsters', but also to handle daily activities better. That is an unquestionable advantage... offers great value for tired corporation workers living in a hurry or university students wanting to work on their procrastination' - Pawel Kicman, Gotham in the Rain
'Dr Janina Scarlet is a real-life superhero with an origin story to rival any comic book character. After surviving a childhood radiation spill, she moved halfway around the earth, overcame PTSD and chronic pain, and re-invented herself as one of the world's most creative and innovative clinical psychologists. Her Superhero Therapy method is incredibly effective, easy-to-learn, grounded in solid scientific research and, most of all, fun. This book proves that getting stronger and happier can be a creative, intriguing and thrilling journey. I am a huge fan! It has worked for so many people - and I am confident it can work for you' - Jane McGonigal PhD, author of SuperBetter and Reality is Broken