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How do we survive when it feels like our world has ended?

This interactive book is for anyone that has experienced trauma and feels the after-effects of fear, panic, worry, anxiety, anger or depression.

You will join a group of other survivors who have lived through extraordinary times and situations, including a doctor who saw many patients die in a pandemic, a firefighter who feels ashamed about developing anxiety after a major tragedy, a nurse who lost a sibling in a school shooting, and others affected by a global health crisis and trauma in differing ways.

This self-help manual is based on the techniques of Superhero Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and will teach you the skills of acceptance, mindfulness, self-compassion, sense of purpose and commitment to action, as well as helping you to develop your own survivor story.

This is the first book of its kind to help us deal with the realities and mental health impact of a world emerging from the unprecedented effects of COVID-19, as well as other natural disasters and violence.


'I know how much value a book holds for me when I wish to gift it to as many as I can, and this is certainly the case with Super Survivors. Dr Janina Scarlet's capacity for empathy, compassion and insight is just what so many of us need to get through difficult times. Reading this book leaves one feeling that there's always a fiercely supportive, deeply perceptive friend by your side who knows precisely the encouragement you need to pull you through. The range of tools she gifts us, to help us through whatever we face, leaves one feeling equipped to handle even life's most arduous trials' - Rachel Miner, actress on Supernatural, executive director of Random Acts
'Janina Scarlet offers key skills to work through and further understand our own trauma. The lessons and exercises in this book can help both new and experienced survivors as they continue to explore their own healing' - Dani Fernandez, writer for Netflix and HBO Max
'As expected, Dr. Janina Scarlet provides a path to process feelings and emotions in a time where the world feels like we're spinning out of control. Her profound insight and understanding of human emotion is delivered in such a way that the reader can't help but think it's just plain common sense' - Joe Gatto, star of Tru TV's Impractical Jokers
'This book is a must read for all of us. Drawing on cutting edge research about what leads to a satisfying and fulfilling life - and how to manage the inevitable big and small pains in life - the reader is expertly guided into a practical, easy to use, path toward finding their inner superhero and moving beyond surviving into thriving. All while harnessing the power of acceptance and belonging. You don't want to miss this!' - Michelle Becker, LMFT (Compassion teacher, founder of Compassion for Couples)
'In the midst of a pandemic, when we need support the most, many of us are cut off from others, feeling isolated and alone. Super Survivors tells the powerful stories of real people who have been caught in the web of trauma - their courage in sharing their experience of healing is an inspiration to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the multiple traumas many of us are facing right now. Dr. Janina Scarlet identifies and explains the coping skills that have helped people cope with trauma, using her many years of experience as a therapist as well as her personal journey to teach those skills in a way that is practical, understandable and immediately useful, bringing that same experience of healing to everyone reading along. Dr. Scarlet and an inspiring cast of characters help readers find a sense of purpose, learn from our challenges, and become a superhero in real life, each with our own survivor story' - Dr. Lynn Zubernis, author of Family Don't End With Blood