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How to Have Incredible Conversations with your Child

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781787756403

Price: £14.99

ON SALE: 21st October 2021

Genre: Society & Social Sciences

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You: “How was your day?”

Your child: “Fine.”

As a parent, you want to know what is going on in your child’s life, how school and friendships are going, if they’re feeling okay. As a kid you want to tell your parent what’s going on, but it can be hard to find the words. This book is brilliant because it makes finding those words easy, and you discover incredible stuff about each other.

How exactly do you make it happen? This accessible guide answers the million-dollar question by steering you, step by step through carefully supported and structured conversational platforms that encourage connection and strengthen relationship bonds. Written by two top clinical psychologists who have worked with families over many years they have, uniquely, designed it for you to read and experience, together.

Inside this book you will find a range of fun, illustrated child-friendly conversation activities, organised around four key themes: who are you? how are you? what helps? what gets in the way?

There is powerful evidence that building good parent-child communication skills improves emotional wellbeing, physical health, academic and employment success. It helps set up a trusting relationship so you can navigate adolescence and later life successfully. It’s important to start early because it takes time to learn skills.


'When can I do (the conversations) again?'
Imogen, aged 5
'The book made me remember all the happy things and think about things differently. It was really fun'
Elliot aged 10
'I thought it was going to be a bit like homework .... but it was much fun-er... the conversations 'make me feel good about myself... and anyone can do them!'
Alfie, aged 11
'This book provides a wonderful way for me and my son to connect, remember and celebrate our special times and work through the tough ones. A beautiful and playful tool for unlocking feelings without drama'
Peter Drake (Elliot’s Dad)
'His answers made me smile'
Sam Sanson (Alfie’s Mum)