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Belief system or brainwashing? Captivated or captive? Community or cult? Uncover stories of the world’s most infamous cults in this true crime compendium…

Building spacecrafts to transport humans to a new plane of existence, kidnapping children to create a master race that would survive the apocalypse, murdering innocent people to secure a place in the afterlife… these only scratch the surface of the strange, sinister and shocking world of cults.

Throughout history, cult groups have formed across the globe, promising followers freedom, family and fortune. In reality, religious, destructive and doomsday cults capture, coerce and control people. From mass murders to child marriages, polygamy to life insurance policies, blackmail to sex bait, discover the cruelty and curiosities of cults in this illuminating anthology.

Filled with stories of the world’s most notorious cults, this book details their origins, beliefs, leaders, followers and victims, and uncovers the unthinkable horrors hidden by these “utopian” societies.

Whether you’re new to the subject or looking to expand on your knowledge, discover the truth behind the world’s killer and criminal cults in this gripping compendium.