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The Seven Ages of Man

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781472134066

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What does it mean to be a man in the twenty-first century? How can today’s men lead a more fulfilling existence?

Masculinity has reached a moment of crisis. From the erosion of unifying institutions such as marriage to a rise in male suicide rates, the last century and a half has been a particularly turbulent time to be a man. Increasing numbers of men are finding themselves anchorless, uprooted from the conventions and certainties of their forefathers. Today masculinity itself has come under attack, relentlessly maligned in the media. Now, more than ever, the long and perilous journey from infant to old age is fraught with strange complexities, moral dichotomies and maddening contradictions.

Incisive and solution-driven, The Seven Ages of Man offers men of all ages, and the women who love them, a clear roadmap to a more meaningful life and a better future for all. Part practical guide and part call to arms, it encourages a return to decency, compassion, humility, understanding and forgiveness.


Daily Express
Fascinating and timely
New Culture Forum
The book glances wistfully back to an era of sturdy men and sturdier moral certainties, a time when gender roles were more clearly defined
James Bloodworth, Unherd
The Seven Ages of Man takes a compassionate approach to the challenges of contemporary masculinity
The Critic
Elegant . . . full of good advice . . . will strike a chord with many who struggle to make sense of modern masculinity . . . a sensible and inspiring way to navigate the world today
This England