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Discover the endless possibilities of ink – whether you are using a nib pen, brush, biro or marker. This interactive book teaches you how to draw in line, wash and colour, and allows you the space to practise on the page through guided exercises in mark-making and drawing. You will:

· Experiment with line
· Learn about hatching and cross-hatching
· Work with ink wash
· Understand colour and tone

In You Will Be Able to Draw by the End of this Book: Ink, bestselling author, artist and drawing tutor Jake Spicer is like an ever-present companion who will guide you on your creative journey, with his friendly and practical tone. His clever exercises will help you gain confidence and break you out of old habits as well as encouraging you to see things in a different way and relax.

So pick up your nib pen/brush/biro/marker of choice and get drawing. It really is this simple!

You Will be Able to Draw …