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So what actually goes on in a guy’s head?

Men can be more confusing than advanced algebra. Luckily, Humfrey Hunter is on hand to help you figure them out. This is a no-holds-barred look at how single men think, what they want and why they do what they do, from someone who was one.

Wondering why he didn’t call?
Not sure what to do about Mr “I’m-Just-Not-Ready-For-A-Relationship”?
Can’t decide between Mr Nice and a Bad Boy?
Hoping a fling might become something more serious?

If you’re tired of mixed signals or utterly bemused by blokes’ behaviour, you’re not the only one. But Humfrey’s inside knowledge and direct dating advice will help you understand the manifold mysteries of the male mind, make the right moves at the right time, and weed out the good guys from the heart-breakers and head-wreckers.


'A refreshingly funny take on the dating game from a male perspective'
On the fiction shelves, there are a gazillion shoes and shopping chickfests, telling of some chaotic but cute girl's search to find the love of her life (and it invariably turns out that Mr Right is not the roguish boss, it's the male best friend she's known for years). These little nuggets of whimsical romance are fantastically entertaining escapism but let's get real. What do men really think? What does a single bloke want? What do guys love, fear and hate? How can we unravel the inner secrets of blokedom? Girls, if you really want to make progress on the relationship front do yourself a huge favour - start by cancelling the date with the roguish boss and spend a very enlightening night in with Humfrey Hunter.
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What goes on in men's heads? Wouldn't we like to know! Humfrey Hunter's useful - and funny - book attempts to unravel the mysteries of the male mind. We could all learn from it!
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